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How do you grow at double-digit rates when your product market is growing at low single digit rates? Here are the choices:

1. You can acquire competitors (but let's face it, only organic growth counts).

2. You can slug it out in a messy market share game (gaining a percent here, then losing a percent there?). Or,

3. You can offer to address broader customer needs of which the product is only a partial answer. That's where a 30% share in a limited and highly contested product market becomes a 3% share in a wide open market.

Welcome to the world of Services!!!

In this Boot Camp you will explore services mega-trends and learn how to identify, develop, market and deliver your firm’s services. You will learn how to create services-specific marketing plans that integrate the critical success factors of people, process, and physical evidence with the traditional 4 P’s of product, place, promotion and price. You’ll explore unique services consideration of all these elements and map out their applicability to your business.


• Articulate the unique challenges of services organizations

• Identify and prioritize your services growth opportunities

• Use branding and differentiation to deploy effective marketing strategies

• Optimize the use of staff during peak- as well as slow-demand periods

• Make your services tangible through physical evidence and sensory attributes

• Implement pricing strategies that optimize the organization’s financial well being

• Identify gaps in services quality and ways to address them

• Increase customer retention through loyalty programs

• Document key elements of your services plan

• Increase services market penetration and improve bottom line results through more effective marketing


• How marketing services differs from all other marketing challenges

• Identifying and selecting services opportunities

• Developing the services delivery process

• Making intangible services real

• Distribution strategy as it applies to services

• Charging for your services

• Getting the word out

• Managing the services human capital

• Customer bonding through improved service quality and loyalty programs

• Presentation and peer review of the services marketing plan you develop (optional)


• People in leadership positions involved in charting, developing, marketing and deploying their firm’s services marketing strategy. They can come from strategy, marketing, sales or service disciplines, such as strategic planning, market analysis, business development, industry marketing, product management, marketing communications, sales and customer service.

• Participants can come from pure services firms as well as from product intensive firms aiming to develop their services business.

A grounding in the fundamentals of marketing is strongly recommended.

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