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The Strategic Marketing Plan is the cornerstone of all Marketing activities. This Boot Camp focuses on the practical tools, techniques and processes for developing clear, distinctive and integrated strategic marketing plans that have buy-in throughout the organization. Participants reinforce their learning by documenting key elements of their plan including: business definition and scope, vision, business objectives, SWOT analysis, segmentation, positioning, marketing mix strategies by segment, key success factors and risks and contingency plans.

In the Boot Camp you will learn ‘how to’, apply what you learn to your business, and go back to the office with the core of a plan that you can deploy immediately.


• Determine what needs to be included in your strategic marketing plan

• Understand and apply elements of market, internal and competitive analyses as a foundation for your strategic marketing planning

• Segment your market along meaningful dimensions

• Perform a market and segment level SWOT analysis

• Understand your industry life cycle stages, the buyer profiles in each stage, and the resulting impact on your marketing mix strategies

• Articulate your value and position yourself effectively in the marketplace

• Establish a robust market and competitive intelligence system

• Lead a strategic marketing analysis and planning project

• Develop, document and present a clear, distinctive and integrated strategic marketing plan for your business

You will have the tools, techniques and processes for developing a clear, distinctive and integrated strategic marketing plan. You will begin working on its key elements, present them for Boot Camp leader feedback during the Boot Camp and proceed with a plan that you can start using at the office.


• Mastering the strategic marketing planning process

• Defining the scope of your business mission

• Creating a motivating vision for your firm

• Conducting your situation analyses

• Segmenting your market for higher penetration

• Positioning your brand in the marketplace

• Identifying your organic growth opportunities

• Profiling and selecting your growth initiatives

• Leveraging the industry life cycle to maximize market success

• Setting market performance objectives

• Tapping into sources of market and competitive intelligence

• Presentation and peer review of the strategic marketing plan you develop (optional)


• People in leadership positions involved in charting and deploying the firm’s marketing strategy, and / or

• People working in marketing, sales or strategy disciplines, such as product management, industry marketing, sales, marketing communications, strategic planning, business development and market analysis, and / or

• A cross-functional team focused on developing a specific market opportunity, and / or

• Individuals seeking to learn how to develop a strategic marketing plan that they can readily communicate, gain buy-in throughout the organization and have significant impact on their top and bottom lines.

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